Ponies aren’t the only thing on Dartmoor

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I thought I’d share my recent efforts to bring my felt bags to life by photographing them in the locations which inspired them, in this case Dartmoor National Park in Devon. You might wonder whether it’s worth going to so much trouble. Well, over the last couple of months I’ve been putting in a real […]

Felt Landscape Lampshades

Felt Landscape Lampshades

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Did you know you can ‘paint’ with wool fibres to create beautiful designs and artworks?  This week talented Exmouth artist Anna FitzGerald and I helped guide a group of felters to create felt landscape lampshades, first designing painterly pieces of felt and then turning these into lampshades.  ‘Painting’ with fibres is not dissimilar to working […]

Who can resist a resist?

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People often wonder how you can make seamless, hollow 3D forms in felt, such as bags and bowls, with no sewing or other trickery.  This is primarily down to the amazing properties of wool fleece, which means that all fibres laid next to each other will bond together during felting.  But in order to create […]

Felting with Big Bertha

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I’ve recently been experimenting with an even bigger ball to use as a resist and shape for making felted bags: her name’s Big Bertha.  You can see from the photo (she’s the purple one) that she’s considerably bigger than my usual pink felting ball, reaching a circumference of 40″ (and possibly bigger, though I was […]